Alex & The Diamond Hands - music band, one of the few in Moscow, and in general in Russia performing music in the styles of Authentic Rockabilly, 50's Rock'n'roll and Country

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Alex & The Diamond Hands (previosly known as The Diamond Hand) - music band, one of the few in Moscow and in general in Russia performing music in the styles of Authentic Rockabilly, 50's Rock'n'roll and old Country.
The group has existed since 2002 and during that time the musicians had made sure that the music in their performance sounds as close to the real sound of the old 50's!
The basis of their repertoire consists of original songs and in addition to them some little-known old "song pearls".

The name of the band they took from the title of old popular comedy movie smugglers.
Constanly playing gigs they started with some demo songs as Killer Bop, Honky Tonk mind and many others firstly. Their leader Alex Diamond (vocal, guitar) being an enthusiast of real sweet 50's sound was searching a studio in Moscow for a long time, which can provide an old analogue tube equipment to make a record that could sound like in 50s.
When he finally found one they started to record their album « … A handful of diamonds». In 2011 album was out with 14 songs (12 of them are self-penned). It was a big success on russian rock'n'roll scene and the band decided to shoot a video for one of the songs from the album “I tell on you”. And again it was a big success, many fans of rockabilly learned about the band. Encouraged by this the band filmed a second song from the album «Bad Voodoo Doll» and now it's also one of the most known songs.
In 2017 german label «Wild Turtle» released our EP with «Bad Voodoo Doll» (b-side «Space Rocket Baby») limited by 500 hand signed copies, cover art for this release was made by the fabulous Marcel Bontempi.

But the story continues. Lotsa new songs are waiting for the record. The dream of Alex was to make his own vintage studio and now it seems to happen at last. Old mikes and tape recorders are ready to go. This year the band plans to finish their new album.

The band members now: Alex Diamond (Vocal, guitar), Igor Hrenikov (Doublebass) and Oleg Swetlov (drums).

In addition to numerous concerts and tours in Russia, the group also often performs abroad. The band made a big tour in Sweden in 2010, completing its performance at "Old Style Weekend" (A-bombers). In 2012 the group toured Netherlands, among other stages acted in the famous Rockabilly Club "Cruise-Inn" in Amsterdam, also visited the big Rock'n'Roll festival in Germany "Rock'N'Roll Im Forderturm", headlining the event.
In 2014 the band with a great success took part at the big festival "Bethune Retro" in France and "Rock'n'Roll Street Tershelling" festival in Holland and played in German clubs while touring Europe. In October of 2015 they made 10 days Euro tour playing in many German and Dutch clubs.
In 2016 they toured Europe again, this time they took part in such big events as Kustom Kulture Forever (Germany), Hoorn Rock’n’Roll Festival (Netherlands), Rockabilly Allnighter Hamburg (Germany) and played eу а few shows in Switzerland. The band becomes more and more popular in Europe.

Also as a backing band they supported dutch rockabilly singer R.J (Reuben James) in 2013 and 2 times Eddie Clendening (USA) in summer of 2014 and in winter of 2016. In 2017 they backed German singer Marcel Bontempi while he was touring Russia.

So the story begins ... Stay tuned to rock’n’roll folks!



The founder, the leader and the chief of the band. Talented songwriter, guitarplayer and singer, who leads the band from the beginning. Started to play in 90's he keeps the flame of 50's rock'n'rol burning. He's never been on the sidelines. In every musical group, in every new endeavor, he is a constant leader.


When it comes to drumming Oleg is the genius! Very gifted musician, whose main profession is a musician. Oleg took part in many bands, played in different genres. But finally found his love in rockabilly and roots music. Also a talented guitar player, heу сan play blues as a chief.


Maestro of double-bass, he found his passion in rockablly music. Born in Russia, he spent a significant part of his life in Ukraine, played in local bands. When he returned to home county he with great enthusiasm joined Alex band to help improve the quality of the sound!

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